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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

yesterday when i wanna had a good afternoon sleep,my sis wake me up..... she told me that she won a pair of free movie tickets in 1 Utama! ^~^ The movie is..... "DUE DATE". It is actually a coming soon movie that will be show in the cinema on 2nd of December!!! Of course i felt excited and quickly prepared seen 1 U is far away from my house!

When i reached 1 U,i was shocked!!!! There were sooooo many ppl! mostly were uncles and aunties!!!! == That time only i knew got many sponsors for this event like The Stars, fly FM and Hello magazine....... Most of them is going to exchange the free tickets with the coupon in The Star......one sponsor can only give 48 pairs of tickets i think.sooo scared i can't get the tickets...luckily,my sis have won the tickets and we can get the tickets for sure~ ^^ and we have a special lane too! haha!

However,when we got the tickets,that time only we noe that "DUE DATE" is rate 18!!!!!! omg, that means i can't go in!!!! but we still went to try our luck.....

"Miss,dia umur berapa?"
"Sorry, dia tak boleh masuk."
"Boleh la~ Boleh la~ Please...."
"Tak boleh!"

So,that were our luck...... being stopped in front of the cinema! NOOOOOOO! :( This was my first time and so pai seh! haha..... Anyway,we had done a good job. We had been given the tickets to a lucky couple! They seem like so happy and thankful to us~ ^^
Haiz,start with happy,end with disappointed......

10:29 PM

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It has been a long time for me to post a new post..... i think got a few months since my last post.... i also almost forget this blog!!!!Luckily now after pmr,i m so free and let me think back about my lovely blog~ ^^ haha,now I am BACK!!!! :P

7:14 AM

Friday, March 12, 2010

The exam had finally gone through! Yeah yeah! XD But this happiness will be very short,cause after one week holiday,hehe.... our nightmare time!! 5555.... Anyway,what i first need to do is,einjoy the holiday!!! haha! Wish all of u a happy holiday! ^^

8:39 AM

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sorry to everyone for not updating my blog for a long time... I can see spider webs appearing on my blog... haha... =.=||| My parents banned me from using the computer because I'm sitting for PMR this year... Haiz.. >.< Please wait patiently for PMR to pass..

6:24 PM

Sunday, December 27, 2009

26 December,my sis and i went to times square and joined the 8tv carnival! haha,it was sooo fun! I saw many 8tv host included yoon,gary,jefferey,rickman...... of course,i got took photo wif them! how could i lose this chance~ wakakaka.... Most happy was,i saw nicholas teo and 马浚伟~ They r so cool and leng zai! For the games section,i also won some small prizes like lollipop,auntie ann's cash vouchers & many small small packet of 'daia'..... == Because we had nothing to do,so we decided to wait the concert start below the stage about 20 minuets before the planned time. Luckily we did that,cause later,all the ppl rush to the stage there!We almost became sardin..... But,when nicholas came out,all the ppl raised their hand and took photo crazily until blocked all the view! lolx..... actually i also took many many photo of the artistz and mayb blocked the view of the person behind me?! XP shhhh....... haha,after i went back home only i felt so tired o~ my legz......

Next year i will join again if possible! ^^ 8tv gambateh~

12:08 AM

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I had received a few presents for my 14th birthday this year. :) At first,i want to thx all the ppl who remember my birthday although it is holiday now! Beside that,i also want to thanks alicia,she was the 1st person that gave me birthday present! Secondly,i would like to thanks li wen and hui zhi too cause they remembered to buy gift for me while we were outing together and played crazily~ Thx u all a lot! XD

This was the present given by alicia~

11:39 PM

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas is coming soon! Haha,i wish all of u hav a wonderful christmas and may ur dream come true~

2:06 AM


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